Hank Payton | Creative Ideas For Beautiful Garden Art

Hank Payton | Why not take some basic household items or even “trash” and turn them into one-of-a-kind, beautiful garden art? Garden art, like all art, is often in the eyes of the beholder.

Hank Payton
Hank Payton

Perhaps, up until this point, you have focused mainly on the art inside your home. Perhaps, you have never even considered garden art — after all, is that not what the flowers are there for? Do you really need additional art?

Hank Payton — Of course you do not need to have garden art in your garden, but just as the right picture frame can enhance a photo or the right throw pillow can add finesse to a couch, the right garden art can really add a lot of character to your garden. It is possible to find garden art that works with the particular “look” that you want in your garden.

That being said, there are many different types of garden art out there for you to choose from. There are many different places to buy it, and there are many different ways to display it. The main thing to remember is to have fun with your garden art, and make sure that it reflects your own personality.

Feel free to make your own garden art, as well! You can even use items that are just hanging around the house. Here are some examples of household items that you can turn into beautiful garden art:

· A bathtub. You or your neighbor just finished remodeling a bathroom. The question is: what should you do with the old bathtub? Well, you can quickly turn an old bathtub into beautiful garden art. All you need to do is fill her up with soil, and plant your favorite plants and flowers inside. Of course, a bathtub planter looks best with a clawfoot tub, but you can have fun with other tubs as well. Also, consider using the sink, or even the toilet as planters, and create a really whimsical look! You could even use a bathtub to make a garden pond.

Hank Payton
Hank Payton
Hank Payton

· A chandelier. As logic has it, a chandelier belongs inside a home. But perhaps the chandelier that you have in your home no longer fits with your modern décor. Or, perhaps it no longer works or is missing crystals. What should you do with it? Why not turn it into garden art! A chandelier looks beautiful hanging from a tree in your backyard. Hang it over your patio table. Watch the sun shine through the prism crystals and create rainbows throughout your garden.

· Bottles. If you have fancy wine bottles or other bottles of interesting colors and shapes and sizes, consider hanging them from a tree. The bottles make interesting sounds in the wind and reflect beautiful light when it is sunny. To some, bottles hanging from a tree may look like trash, but to many, including me, it will look like beautiful garden art.

· Broken dishes. Oh dear! You have just broken your favorite china plate. What can you do with it besides sweep it into the trash? Actually, there is something that you can do with it. Why not take some of the largest shards of broken dishes and turn them into a mosaic? You could make a mosaic stepping stone or tabletop. You could even mosaic part of a wall!

· Forks and spoons. You can take ordinary forks and spoons and turn them into a wind chime! Or you can even use them to help you with your gardening — forks and spoons can be very useful for planting plants in pots or working around small plants.

· Old clothes. Why not create a classic scarecrow! This is a project that you and your kids can enjoy.

Hank Payton | As you can see, there are many ways in which you can turn household items into garden art. All you need to do is look around your home, look around your garden, and be creative. Make sure that you have fun with your garden art!

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